Happy Daddy's Day

Dear Daddy,

I made you this card with mama…well, she folded the paper…that’s as far as her creativity stretched.  You see these fine brush-strokes?  Each and every one was perfectly crafted by my own hand.  And this colour-palette?  It was oh-so-carefully mixed to just the right shade by yours truly.  Oh yes, daddy, you are welcome.

I hear that today marks some sort of celebration…but to be honest, every day with you is a day for fun, mess and cake-eating…so I’m not sure what exactly sets this day aside as extra special.

Anyway, all of this daddy-talk got me thinking about how great you are, so here’s a quick summary, just in case you forget.

[Side-note: your wallet’s on the bookshelf where you left it.]

[Another side-note: your phone was last seen next to Millie Rabbit…I think she was calling Piglet.]

My Wonderful Daddy

1. Your arms are the strongest I’ve ever seen.  (All the better for holding me in.)

2. You are definitely the most tallest human being in the whole wide world.  (All the better for up-high shoulder-rides.)

3. Your cuddles are perfect.  (See picture above for a reminder.)

4. You have a full understanding of what being awake should entail (shoulder-rides/football/running/catch/mini-golf, etc.)  I think your heightened skills here have something to do with that sleep thing that you get to do at night-time… although I guess my only real comparison is mama…and we all know what my 3am face-patting does to her energy-reserves…

5. You are kind to mama.  You see, the sleepy one and I are a team; a unit.  If you’re kind to her, you’re kind to me.

6. You love a board game.  The dice…the little figurines…the TENSION.  Can we play now?  Please daddy?  Please??

7. You are hilarious!  Oh those dad jokes…they get me every time.

So daddy, I say to you now what I said to you this morning; you are the most wonderous daddy ever in the world.  And that, daddy dearest, is nothing but the truth.

Love from Little Bean

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