10 Alternative Names For Breast Milk (Toddler-Style)

Mama, I want some milk.

As I look at my daughter, my ever-growing and ever-learning little bean, it becomes ever more apparent that she is no longer the baby I once cradled in my arms.  Her baby-squidge is being replaced by cheekbones and her proportions are slowly but surely becoming more child-like.  Gone are the days where all she had to do was turn her head to root for milk, or a little later, drum my chest with a knowing smile.  She has words now and she isn’t afraid to use them.

So when I asked on my Facebook page about the names that other nurslings have for breast milk, the following gems (among others) brought nothing but smiles to my day...

1.  "Mine"  -  Enough said.

2.  "Muk"  -  Cow’s milk is “muk on da table”.

3.  "Drinkles"  -  Cuteness.

4.  "Eats"  -  Solid food is “bites”.

5.  "Side"  -  Accurate.

6.  "Nice Nice"  -  Because it is.

7.  "Buddy"  -  Everybody needs a friend.

8.  "My Booby"  -  See number 1.

9.  "Milkies"  -  The familiar.

10.  "Mama Milk"  -  The original.

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