Café Says Relax

Photo credit: RefreshMe/Facebook

I love this sign.

I love the simplicity, the hurried writing and the little smiley at the bottom.  I love the Britishness and most of all, I love the message.

This is the chalkboard hanging outside of a café in Cheltenham, England; proudly and reassuringly supporting breastfeeding mothers, because in all seriousness, breastfeeding is thirsty work.

In addition to the exhaustion, near-dehydration and actual munchies that so often accompany a breastfeeding mother on any expedition into town, there are often times when worry comes along for the ride...

Will I see a sneer of disapproval after finding a seat at a café and unhooking my nursing bra?

Will I hear a ‘tutting’ noise as my baby roots for milk?

Will I feel a rush of adrenaline instead of oxytocin, as eyes burn holes into my back and the tutting gets louder at the very thought of the minuscule amount of areola that’s actually on display?

In the UK, it's illegal to discriminate against a breastfeeding mother, but this café has taken the idea of acceptance to a whole new level.

They are waving the flag, raising a glass (of milk) and supporting breastfeeding with cute smileys and magical words like relax.

Let’s just hope that the mothers of Cheltenham are feeling refreshed after such refreshingly uplifting and supportive words.  And let’s also hope that the 'sneerers', 'tutters' and general ‘disapprovers’ take note of the overall message…because really, it's all so very normal.

After all, it’s just a boob…relax :-)

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  1. What a wonderful message and a great example of acceptance :-) Let's hope we see more such signs - that would help with the goal of normalisation <3


  2. :D love it!! This reminds me of the Costa staff in a coffee shop who defended a woman who was sneered at by an elderly couple in Purley, it's small acts of kindness like these that have such a huge impact :)

  3. This is BRILLIANT! And SO well put Mama Bean, lmao it's just a boob! :-) :-) :-)

  4. Oh so brilliant wish this cafe was near where I live!!

  5. This just made my day!

  6. Love the sign. Curious as to why a small sign is hanging on the under ribbings of a patio umbrella. Wouldn't it be harder to see? Instead, it should be proudly displayed-on the table top or sidewalk.