Dear Facebook – Why Does This Mother’s Nipple Need Censoring?

Dear Facebook,

I wonder if you would be able to explain to me, why this mother’s nipple requires censorship?

Before you answer, allow me to give you a little background information to help you understand the context of my question:

Every day, I receive photographs from proud mothers – proud mothers who want to share a glimpse of their journey with the world.  Proud mothers who feel connected and empowered within a community of likeminded individuals and want to encourage and support others to trust their bodies and their babies.

And so I re-share these pictures to my Facebook page with conviction.  Because every single picture is real, beautiful and tells a story…

There was, for instance, the story of the mother who survived thyroid cancer, years of fertility treatment and 3 losses before conceiving her twins – babies who happen to hold hands as they tandem nurse together.

Then there was the story of the toddler who has truly mastered the art of 'gymnurstics', and the one about the mother who breastfed her toddler and preschooler throughout her pregnancy, with a firm view to triandem feed once her new baby was born.

Not forgetting this picture - which pretty much melted the hearts of my entire community:

All good, right?

Apparently not.  Because it seems that I am only allowed to share pictures that have zero nipple showing...even though Facebook policy states that breastfeeding photos are “welcomed”and that a fully exposed breast in the context of breastfeeding is actually “allowed”2.

The last time I checked, the nipple is a pretty integral part of breastfeeding and also, a rather defining aspect of a ‘fully exposed breast’.

I've asked before, what exactly is so offensive about a mother’s breast?  And I can't help but wonder - along with thousands of others - why Facebook is not following it's own policies?  Because all too often, Facebook and Instagram accounts of proud nursing mothers are being shut-down over nothing more than a peek of areola.

Sure, the picture in question is showing an actual female nipple beneath that pixilation – gasp - but the context of the photograph is clearly about breastfeeding.

So Facebook, I ask you this - if you welcome breastfeeding photographs and if fully exposed breasts are allowed, may I remove the pixilation??

I'll be patiently awaiting your response...


Mama Bean

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1, 2 - Source: FB vs. Breastfeeding