The Two Breastfeeding Photos That Have Left The World Speechless

I am a writer and I spend a lot of time writing about breastfeeding.  But the latest breastfeeding pictures to go viral have truly left me lost for words.

The pictures, taken by Kate Murray Photography, were posted on Facebook by Gentle Birth Options, LLC earlier this week and have since been seen by thousands.

The pictures show a mother who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and who underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy while pregnant.  At 36 weeks, she birthed a healthy baby boy, who immediately latched onto her remaining breast…a moment captured beautifully by these photographs.

I could write about the strength of motherhood, but I figure the pictures sum that up.

I could write about the power of the female body, but I figure the pictures capture that one too.

I could write about love.  But these pictures have that covered.

So I’ll stop writing for a moment and instead, simply share the very definition of strength in all of its raw, emotionally charged beauty:

Source: Kate Murray Photography, via Gentle Birth Options, LLC

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