Mermaids, Breastfeeding and Coffee...

Every day, moms from across the world send me nursing photographs to share to the Mama Bean Facebook page.


To celebrate motherhood, to embrace shared experience and to normalize breastfeeding...because the more we see it, the more normal it will become.

So when the following picture landed in my inbox, I couldn't help but smile.  You may have to zoom, but the sign behind this mom bares the original Starbucks logo...and I mean 'bares' quite literally.

Back in 1971, Starbucks chose a 16th century picture of a topless mermaid as its logo, but over the years, the logo has changed to show less of this mermaid's flesh.  It seems even mermaids aren't immune to photoshop...

Because little by little, our sense of womanhood is slowly being censored by the world around us.  Piece by piece, our sense of motherhood is being squeezed, shaped and filtered by the media and in our busyness - in our sleeplessness - we barely even notice.

I suppose it speaks volumes then, that it's plausible to identify more with a 16th century mermaid than with most of the images of femininity that we see around us today…with her rawness, her realness and yes – her breasts.  With her unsymmetrical and unapologetically natural breasts.

And so there she remains, on a busy street in downtown Seattle.  There she remains, watching over the crowds of customers and perhaps, with a knowing smile and a nod to femininity, watching over mama Olivia too, as she nurses her sweet babe with a smile.

Isn't it time to reverse our photoshopped culture and embrace real, uncensored life again?  Even if that does begin with a mythological creature...

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