There Is Good

My friend is a warrior.  I’m sure that she’s a spirit sent from a past era; a healer, a gentle-yet-powerful Earth Mama.

Not that she knows it, or believes it.  So I told her the truth:

“You give me hope that there is good, that I am good.”

Simple really.

But it got me thinking…this idea that there is good, that we are good…this is motherhood, friendship, sisterhood.  And this message is powerful.

This message has the power to encourage, empower and motivate us to keep on keeping on.  Because we all need a little help from time to time…

Mama, I see you struggling with exhaustion.  Let me give you hope that there is good, that you are good.

Sleep will return, albeit in different form to the sleep you once knew.  And as if by magic, these moments of despair in the deepest and darkest of nights will be brushed aside by glossy memories of midnight giggles and 2am milky smiles.

Mama, I see you struggling with worry.  Let me give you hope that there is good, that you are good. 

Your instinct is to protect and provide and your worry is evidence of your love for your baby.  In time, peace will return.  In time, you will focus on your breath, accept what you cannot change and change what you can...because you’ve got this.

Mama, I see you struggling with a defiant toddler.  Let me give you hope that there is good, that you are good.

These tears and rages will subside, but this resilience will stay.  It will be there as a shield through peer pressure and teenage angst.  It will bring with it confidence and spirit through first jobs and life decisions.  It will stick around when you become a grandmother and it will give your baby’s babies a sense of ultimate comfort and security when they need it most.  Resilience is just another name for strength.

Because you are stronger than you know, mama.  You are stronger than you allow yourself to believe.

You have created life, delivered life and still you tend to your baby’s every need.  You are a real-life superhero.

Because there is good, you are good.

Simple really.
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