This Little Boy Tried To Breastfeed His Baby Sister

So often, I find myself writing in defence of breastfeeding.  I find myself advocating for nursing mothers in a world that is seriously lacking in breastfeeding supporters.  All too frequently, there is drama...there are virtual arguments and viral stories that position breastfeeding as a divisive topic.

But in truth, breastfeeding is just...normal.

It is quite simply, a part of life.

It really is no big deal.

So today, I just wanted to highlight for anybody that may have missed it...a recent picture that was shared on the Mama Bean Facebook page:

This is four year old Paxton, trying to breastfeed his baby sister.

Heart.  Melting.

Because for this little boy, breastfeeding is just...normal.  It is, quite simply, a part of life.  It really is no big deal.

And if this dose of utter cuteness hasn't made your heart burst already, just check out the overwhelming positivity within the thread itself:

Mama Lauren says:"My sweet and kind 4 year old little boy, trying to nurse his baby sister! Although I was giggling,...
Posted by Mama Bean - Unconditional Attachment on Sunday, October 18, 2015

And mama Lauren is absolutely right; our children learn from us.  It's no surprise then, that my own daughter nurses her baby doll at the grocery store - because breastfeeding is a part of her is her norm.

So thank you, Paxton - for proving that breastfeeding can unite us.

Because sometimes, a little dose of cute is all we need to remind us that we're in this together.

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