Wet-Nursing In The Operating Theatre

I woke up today, to find the following picture in my inbox:

This is nurse Li Baoxia, breastfeeding an infant undergoing surgery.  And for a million reasons, my heart sings just looking at this image.

The one month old baby boy was having surgery in a Chinese hospital earlier this week, but since the surgery required only a local anaesthetic, he was awake during the operation.

As the little boy cried and wriggled, nurse Li Baoxia decided to offer him her breast.  As a lactating mother herself, she wet-nursed the infant, who then settled in her arms - allowing the operation to continue successfully.

The medical team present described the experience as "incredibly moving"* and the boy's father's gratitude was captured so beautifully below:

"Thank you!  You didn't only treat my child, you also nursed him!  As a father, you have my endless gratitude.  You are an angel nurse!"*

This is the second time in just a couple of months that milk sharing has hit headlines.  Back in August, the post that I shared of Jessica Anne Colletti, nursing both her own son and her friend's son, went viral overnight - showing that this is a conversation that needs to be had.

Because we live in a world where breastfeeding still makes front-page news.  In some instances, such as Jessica's story and Tanya's story before her, breastfeeding divides audiences...informed versus uninformed...yet in this case, I am hopeful that audiences will be a little more united.
Because really, this is a case of one human being, stepping up and soothing an infant in the most efficient and natural way that she could find in the moment.

In reality, this is a story of mother nature and modern medicine working together in harmony.

Above all else, this is - quite simply - a story of motherhood.

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*Source & Picture Credit: Shanghaiist