Sunday's Story - Mama Amanda

I’m a firm believer in storytelling. What better way is there of passing knowledge, compassion and strength between people otherwise separated by time or distance? Which is why I am proud to be able to offer a glimpse into the real lives of real moms each week.

Mama Amanda says:

“I'm single mom of twins and I recently interviewed for a job. When I told the manager that I would need the time and a place to pump, he asked me: "well, how long do you plan on doing that?" I said: "well, its not really my choice since I’m letting my girls self-wean." He called me back and wants to hire me! I never knew I would be this passionate about normalizing breastfeeding. But then again, I've never before known this love, either.”

Amanda’s story highlights our absolute need as a society to support working moms. We need legislation that protects maternity leave and we need laws that enable pumping in the workplace - with no caveats.

While the US, in particular, is sorely lacking in terms of maternity leave, a mother’s right to pump in the workplace has been protected for some time. This has given the pumping industry ample time to invest in and develop technology that supports our needs as breastfeeding moms. Lansinoh's newest pump, for instance, offers three different pumping styles - to mimic a baby's individual feeding pattern. Subtle-yet-significant improvements in technology such as this are supporting women to maintain their breastfeeding relationships while working out of the home, and with two babies to nourish and raise single-handedly, this seems particularly poignant for Amanda and her baby girls.

Because we’re in this together, mama.

Thank you to mama Amanda for allowing me to feature her story in this piece.  For more glimpses into real life breastfeeding, join the Mama Bean village on Facebook!

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