Sunday's Story - Mama Nykole

Mama Nykole says:

"I am triandem nursing my twins and my three-year-old son.  I have a lot of support but there are also people who make it hard to feel comfortable nursing. They seem to think I should have weaned long ago and don't support my attached parenting.  It's very difficult because they see me as young and dumb, since I am "only" 21.  That's why I am truly happy to be a part of the Mama Bean community - where support for nursing moms isn't laced with conditions."

Support.  If there is one thing that we could all use a little more of, it’s support.

For so many new moms, support simply doesn’t exist in our immediate circles.  Which is why I’ve teamed up with Lansinoh to offer support in the form of stories.  Stories to unite.  Stories to empower.  Stories to normalize.

For many of us, breastfeeding is a huge learning curve.  It can be a painfully difficult skill to master and for new moms coping with sleep deprivation and the emotional shock of motherhood…it is a path made so much easier when it is laced with support.

We need to hear that we can do it, to believe that we can do it.

Which is why I feel indebted to social media.  I feel indebted to every mom who shared her struggle, since the sense of shared solidarity lessened my own.  I feel indebted to every mom who shared her triumph, because every united cheer made my own even louder.  I feel indebted to every mom who shared the mundane alongside the special, because every perfect slice of imperfection opened my eyes to the beauty of my own everyday.

I feel indebted to each and every one of you.  Together, with support, we can move mountains.

Because we’re in this together, mama.

Thank you to mama Nykole for allowing me to feature her story in this piece.  For more glimpses into real life breastfeeding, join the Mama Bean village on Facebook!

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