KangarooCare Nursing Necklaces - A Must Have For All Nursing Moms!

I have a confession.  I have two (yes two!) KangarooCare necklaces, but I don't always know where they are.

You see, I often find myself searching for them, since they never ever stay where I leave them.

At first I thought it might be the fairies...but I soon realised that the Great Necklace Borrower goes by another name...

Little Bean.

Yes, my four year old loves my nursing necklaces almost as much as I do!  And why wouldn't she?!  They are so pretty...

Now that my daughter is 4, I wear my KangarooCare necklaces because I love the look of them...because I love the beautiful, natural wood and the cotton that they are made with.  I wear them because I love that they are crafted by hand...by a lovely mom called Varja who I am lucky enough to call my friend.

But for moms breastfeeding younger nurslings than I currently am, these necklaces have a secret power.  They have the power to stop The Wandering Hand in its tracks...the power to save the other nipple from the grasps of twiddling, fiddling baby fingertips.


Which is why I'm including these beautiful necklaces as one of my Top Christmas Gifts For Nursing Moms...because they really are the perfect gift for any breastfeeding mommy!

A perfect stocking filler and thankfully, these beautifully crafted nipple-saviours ship worldwide...so take a peek at the full collection over at KangarooCare today, and give your twiddler something else to twiddle with this Christmas time!

Just be aware, though...they may well end up in the wrong jewellery box by mistake...

And since it's Christmas, how about a giveaway?!

The KangarooCare Rainbow Giveaway:

KangarooCare is giving away one of these Rainbow nursing necklaces to five lucky mamas!

Here's how to enter:

Simply click here and leave a comment, stating which necklace you like most: Earthy, Neutral, Simple or Aqua Rainbow.

Remember, you can share the Christmas love and share this giveaway with your mommy friends too!

Good luck!

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