Sunday's Story - Mama Beckii

Mama Beckii says:

"My son is 4 years old and I respect his choice and his need to continue to breastfeed.  When he was first born, I tandem nursed him and his older sister...I also expressed for another baby at the same time, whose mama passed at her birth.  Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and should always be supported, no matter at which stage a mum and her child are at."

Mama Beckii shared her story with me a while ago, but it is one that I think of often.  Not only does she advocate for full-term breastfeeding, but she also exemplifies the importance of milk donation - by having selflessly donated her own precious breast milk to a baby whose mother passed away during childbirth.

So often, we read about breastfeeding in terms of battles...we are invited to pick a side, to wage an 'us against them' these instances, nursing becomes sensational, exaggerated and misunderstood.  Yet in reality, breastfeeding is so much better encapsulated in real stories like Beckii's - stories based around love and solidarity.

Because the more we read about tandem nursing, the more achievable it feels to the pregnant mom about to embark on that particular adventure.

And the more we see older nurslings being comforted at their mother's breast, the more normal the very normal act of full-term breastfeeding will become.

Indeed, the more we hear about milk donation, the more common it will become.

So thank you.  Thank you to Beckii, for sharing her inspirational story.

And thank you to Lansinoh - not only for their collaboration in this project to give a platform to the stories of real moms and real breastfeeding journeys - but also for working behind the scenes to make crucial practises like milk donation accessible and achievable.  Thank you for investing in the technology that is making expressing easier and easier for moms...such as pumps that have been designed with adjustable pumping styles and suction levels, for instance.

Lastly, thank you to the mom reading this and nodding.  Because through solidarity and community, we really can be the change we want to see.

This is normal.

We're in this together, mamas.

Thank you to mama Beckii for allowing me to feature her story in this piece.  For more glimpses into real life breastfeeding, join the Mama Bean village on Facebook!

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