Sunday's Story - Mama Katie

Mama Katie says:

"This is my favourite picture of my little girl nursing.  I struggled with pain and cracked nipples for the first few months due to a shallow latch.  I am so glad I pushed through.  The bond we have will never be broken.  I love this site because, while my family and friends may tell me I should have weaned long ago, this site reminds me of the importance of doing what feels right for me and my baby."

"The importance of doing what feels right for me and my baby" - such a powerful statement, and one that is so often incredibly difficult to stand by.

Because a lack of support can wreak havoc with even the most straightforward of nursing relationships...and what about the mom, like Katie, who faces those all-too-common challenges such as pain and cracks in those early days?

I've said before, that breastfeeding can feel like the biggest mountain to climb, and without a support system, moms are often left doubting themselves in what is already an incredibly vulnerable time.  All too often, "the importance of doing what feels right for me and my baby" gets lost to negativity, well-intentioned bad advice and social stigma.

Which is why I am sharing these stories, because the more we see breastfeeding...the more we read about it and celebrate it and accept it...the more normal it will become.

Because we can find strength in shared stories and in shared solidarity.

We can collectively send a virtual high five to mama Katie, for persevering through a tough start and finding a place of peace and pride in her connected and beautiful nursing journey.

Just like we can collectively tune out the ignorance of the naysayers and find strength in numbers...because there are more of us walking this path than you might assume.

And as crazy as it might sound, it is reassuring to know that there are other moms facing these same much so that there is an entire industry created to actually help - and support - each individual nursing relationship.  And these big-name industry players aren't the heartless corporate giants that you might assume...take Lansinoh, for instance, who are co-hosting this series with me in order to spread the word that breastfeeding is normal...that breastfeeding is important...that breastfeeding is worth supporting.  Because it truly is reassuring to find solidarity in shared experience...even if that shared experience is an ever-expanding group of moms from every corner of the globe, all reaching for their tube of HPA Lanolin in beautifully united synchronicity...

Because while journeys are all unique, we are in this together, mama.

Thank you to mama Katie for allowing me to feature her story in this piece.  For more glimpses into real life breastfeeding, join the Mama Bean village on Facebook!

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