Sunday's Story - Mama Tracey

Mama Tracey says:

"My boy/girl twins have been tandem nursing since day one and in this picture, they are 27 months old!  I looked down to see that they had quietly reached for each other's hand.  They tend to want their own space, so this was a very sweet and special moment; I thought my heart would burst when I saw this!"

I love that this picture is taken from mom's perspective.  It is a perfect moment, captured forever and it embodies connection.

The connection of a mother to her children.

The connection of a brother to his sister and vice versa.

The connection of Family.

How fitting that breastfeeding has been at the heart of this moment...breastfeeding, a silent and unassuming presence in this picture, is at the centre of this powerful moment of connection.

Oh, and doesn't it just speak volumes that even the teddy is smiling?

So welcome to another month of Sunday Stories!  Each Sunday, I will be teaming up with Lansinoh to celebrate the breastfeeding stories of real moms and babies, from across the globe.  Because Lansinoh don't only make breast pads (seriously...these little beauties saved both my sanity and my most precious of shirts in those early days!)  Lansinoh are a company made up of real people - many of whom are moms themselves - with a true drive to normalize and support breastfeeding.

And what better way to kick off this month's stories, than with Tracey's tale of heart-melting connection?

Happy nursing, mamas.  Remember, we're in this together.

Thank you to mama Tracey for allowing me to feature her story in this piece.  For more glimpses into real life breastfeeding, join the Mama Bean village on Facebook!

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