Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs This Hoodie...

If you've ever breastfed during the winter, you will understand the dilemma.  The age-old problem of uncovering a breast while simultaneously avoiding the very real risk of turning into a half-frozen, milk-making ice sculpture...

Mommy Problems.

For real.

It's at times like these that the breastfeeding community rallies together in sharing ideas and inventions that nip this little issue in the bud.  So imagine my delight when I heard about a breastfeeding-friendly hoodie, which is available on the high street, no less!

Allow me to share with you, a post published to my Facebook page last night...which has already captured the hearts of many nursing moms, bravely breastfeeding through winter, icy boobs and all...

"A huge thank you to Victoria's Secret for having breastfeeding friendly hoodies! It's so convenient to whip my boob...
Posted by Mama Bean Parenting on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The caption reads:

"A huge thank you to Victoria's Secret for having breastfeeding friendly hoodies!  It's so convenient to whip my boob out, it's so stylish and it has a great feature to also cover yourself up!  Great job guys you've outdone yourself!!"

Disclaimer: If ever there was a call for a Sarcasm Font, the time is now.

Don't you just love a practical solution that keeps you decent?  Isn't it about time that moms can nurse their babies while covering up, hands free?  It's simply genius.

And back to Normal Font, please...

Let's be real for just a minute here.  This post has brought a smile to many a freezing mother's face, but it is also doing something else.  Something bigger, something needed.

It's highlighting the utter ignorance of the haters.  You know, the ones who consider breastfeeding to be a Private Moment...the ones who hurl the word Discreet at every nursing mother that they happen to meet.  We've all met them, the ones who refuse to acknowledge that breastfeeding is normal.

So, perhaps after reading this, you're considering taking a pair of scissors to your favorite hoodie...Or maybe you just needed the belly laugh.  Whichever you opt for, nurse on, you're doing great mama!

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