13 Parenting Hacks From Real Moms That Will Change Your World

Mommy groups.  They're literally everywhere.

Groups for crunchy moms, breastfeeding moms, local moms, attachment moms, gentle moms, Tired-Out-Of-Our-Freakin'-Brains moms...

They are our virtual villages.  Just imagine the wealth of knowledge and experience that each and every one of these virtual communities holds...

How many times have moms offered one another advice, support, or just a good old fashioned sounding board, straight out of virtual reality?

Yesterday, one question in particular caught my attention:

"What are your go-to Attachment Parenting hacks?"

Attachment Parenting: we've all read the horror stories, right?

"AP" hasn't faired too well in mainstream media channels lately, having been the subject matter of a handful of articles bearing titles that would be better described as fear mongering warnings as opposed to headlines..."Attachment Parenting Ruined My Life!"  Yet I've said before and I'll say it again - Attachment Parenting did not ruin my life - far from it, in fact.  Attachment Parenting is more than a tick-boxed score card of babywearing and breastfeeding.  It is so very much more.

Attachment Parenting, for many of us, is a way of life.  In its simplest of forms, it's about choosing connection and respect over convenience and quick-wins.  And if you're still left doubting, surely the proof is in the pudding...

Introducing 13 Attachment Parenting hacks from real (albeit virtual) moms, that will revolutionize the way you think about parenting:

1.  "Pause before reacting to anything.  The very few genuine emergencies that require instant reactions will get them before you can even think."
- Linda

2.  "When a kid is upset, don't try to make them feel better.  Just try to make it clear that you get why they are upset."
- Nina

3.  "Sing and play!  Everything is still fairly new and exciting to a child.  Let them join in what you're doing and join in what they're doing."
- Jenna

4.  "A baby is its own instruction manual."
- Lisa

5.  "Not all kids can cope with choices."
- Linda

6.  "Laughing together with a child is a powerful way of connecting and a healing tool for both of you."
- Rosetta

7.  "When in doubt, err on the side of love."
- Marina

8.  "Asking a question and giving a child the power to answer and be heard is an amazing thing."
- Lily

9.  "Put a crabby baby into water... let the splashing commence!"
- Michelle

10.  "Make your home a 'yes' environment."
- Claire

11.  "Piggy back rides!"
- Katie

12.  "If you can give your children a chance to have control over something - do it."
- Tia

13.  "Never regard your relationship with your kids as a rivalry (Them vs. Me) It's always a partnership."
- Bonnie

Thank you to each of the moms who allowed me to quote their words and advice in this piece!

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