The Baby Bee Hummingbirds Valentine's Giveaway

"Oh man..."

My husband's heart visibly sank.

"Oh man...Valentine's..."

I was just about to launch into a speech about how nobody wants to be the recipient of that gift.  You know the one...the I-Have-To-Buy-You-This-Or-I'll-Be-In-Trouble gift.

And then...

"Amy's already sent you the perfect present!  How can I compete?!"

It didn't take me more than a nanosecond to understand what he was talking about.

Amy - my soul sister from across the oceans.  Amy - founder of Baby Bee Hummingbirds and creator of All Things Beautiful.

My husband was totally right.  The little package of two beautiful gems that landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, really are the perfect Valentine's gift.  Just take a look at them in all their glory...

Amy and I had a good giggle about this revelation and afterwards, I was left thinking...more moms need these gems in their lives.

The gems are always unique - a beautiful piece of jewellery hand-crafted from a mother's own breast milk, or using a baby's individual first curl.  Truly beautiful, both in reality and in symbolism...what better way to capture our journeys into and through motherhood?

So firstly, I thought we could group together and drop a collective hint to our significant others.  (Yes hubby, there is no such thing as too many keepsake beads!)

And secondly, if you're too busy chasing sleep and getting caught up in newborn spit-up and gurglings to organize sending your own milk to Amy...fear not!  Because the goddess of milk charms has created a DIY breast milk and keepsake jewellery kit that she will send to you, no matter where you are in the world - check it out here!

Amy told me:

"I dislike the long wait times and secrecy around my industry, so I wanted to give back to mums and allow them to craft their most beautiful and special keepsakes themselves."

Seriously, the woman is a genius and has the biggest of hearts.

So allow me to introduce our loved-up Valentine's Day giveaway...

The Baby Bee Hummingbirds Giveaway!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, #TribeBabyBee is offering up $70 store credit towards any purchase at!

Here's how to enter:

1. The giveaway has been created for Mama Bean followers, so if you haven’t already - make sure you “like” my Facebook page!

2. “Like” and comment on this post on my Facebook page:

I'm so excited to announce our Valentine's GIVEAWAY!!Like AND comment on this post for a chance to win $70 store...
Posted by Mama Bean Parenting on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Remember, you can share the love and share this giveaway with your mommy friends!

And here's the small print, just to be thorough:
  • Baby Bee Hummingbirds ships worldwide, so the giveaway is open to everyone!
  • The prize will be a store credit of $70 (Australian Dollars).
  • The giveaway will close at 19:00 (GMT) on 14th February 2016.
  • A winner will be selected at random.
  • The winner will be contacted by being tagged in the giveaway post on Mama Bean’s Facebook page (so make sure you comment on the post!)
  • The giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.  By entering this giveaway, participants fully release Facebook from any liability.

Good luck!

With love,

Louise (aka Mama Bean) & Amy (Founder and Designer at Baby Bee Hummingbirds) <3