Meet Me Where I Am

Mama, on the days that you find yourself struggling, I will be here.

I will sit beside you and hold your hand.

I will listen.  Truly listen.

I will not hurry away your sadness, or shame you for your real feelings.

I will support you.

Mama, on the days that you find yourself wanting, I will be here.

I will give to you time, patience and understanding.

I will offer you empathy.

I will not disregard your problems or place my own value judgements onto your situation.

I will support you.

My friend, motherhood is hard.

It is wonderfully, beautifully, inspiringly difficult.

It is simultaneously draining and uplifting.

It fills us with a sense of super-human super powers, alongside a crippling knowledge of our own mortality.

I understand.

Mama, I walk this road beside you and I will meet you where you are.  Without quick-fixes or distractions.  I will meet you where you find yourself in this moment, right now.  And I will accept you.  All of you.

Because in my own moments of panic, of exhaustion and of fear…I have only one answer to the question, “what do you need?

Quite simply, I need you to meet me where I am.


Meet Me Where I Am: Follow along for the next post in this three-part series, which will focus on breastfeeding, and another that will focus on sleep.


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