The #BreastfeedingIs Project

So often, we hear opinions on what breastfeeding is not.

"Breastfeeding is not appropriate in public."
"Breastfeeding is not acceptable after age one."
"Breastfeeding is not normal in our culture."

These messages are, unfortunately, all too commonplace in our world.  Yet there is a growing movement to change the conversation.  There is a growing movement to inform, empower and to normalize.

And as moms, we are at the centre of this movement.

Because every time we lift our shirts to nurse, we are turning the negativity into positivity.

Every time we soothe our babies at the breast, we are setting the standard of trusting in and following our children's cues.

Every time we breastfeed in public, we are paving the way for the moms of the future to give breastfeeding a try.

Because for a society to see something as normal...we have to actually see it first.  And the more we see breastfeeding, in everyday situations and without shame, the more normal it will become.

Which leads me to the #BreastfeedingIs Project.  This is a project made by moms, for moms.  This is a project that aims to capture the differences between each individual's breastfeeding experience, while simultaneously holding onto the broader idea that we are all walking this path together.

Step by step, we are normalizing the normal.  Feed by feed, we are standing up against cultural conditioning and social stigmas and prioritising our babies’ needs above other people’s misguided opinions.

Below, you’ll find a selection of statements made by moms from all over the globe, about what breastfeeding means to them.  Each statement speaks an individual’s truth, yet collectively, these messages paint a bigger picture.

We are the change we wish to see.

Will you join us?

You can get involved by posting your nursing picture to Mama Bean's Facebook page, using the hashtag #BreastfeedingIs.  Let's normalize the normal, together.

" nurture, to provide nourishment, to connect and to comfort. It is my first way to say "I love you, I will be here for you." (Mama Cath)

"#BreastfeedingIs...your body's super power, your own magic wand to fix, soothe, nourish and comfort your baby. If you CAN, do it. If you can't, please don't feel bad. It is YOUR choice." (Mama Jo)
"#BreastfeedingIs...exhausting but it's also utterly, utterly amazing. Knowing that my body is still nourishing my babies after their birth is empowering."  (Mama Alsuin)

", love, bonding, comfort, and the reassurance that, even if my 2 year old feeds most of his vegetables to the dog, he's still getting all of the nutrition he needs!"  (Mama Kim)

"#BreastfeedingIs...for toddlers too. It's a little like magic... it's a band-aid, a hug, nutrition, sleepy-dust and love all rolled into one." (Mama Cara Rose)

#BreastfeedingIs...home, safety. It is comfort and connection. It is being there for your baby, for your child." (Mama Els)

"#BreastfeedingIs...the best way to snuggle with my baby at the end of a long day." (Mama Lora)

" incredible comfort and source of healing and nourishment when our babies are sick." (Mama Sam)

Thank you to each and every mama who contributed to this project!

Don't forget, you can get involved by posting your own nursing picture to Mama Bean's Facebook page, using the hashtag #BreastfeedingIs