The Night Before Kindy

‘Twas the night before Kindy, when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The bag was hung, by the door on a hook,
Packed full of pencils and a sprinkling of luck.

The little one nestled, snug in her bed,
While visions of recess danced in her head.

And while she was sleeping, my busy mind raced,
This mama’s thoughts were all over the place.

When my sweet baby stumbles, with a trip and a clatter,
Will her teacher be there to see what’s the matter?

When my little girl’s worry, shows up on her face,
Will her teacher be there, with a kindly embrace?

The moon in the sky told me time had ticked on,
Much like the years, in a second they’re gone.

Because where there was once a full and soft cheek,
There are now cheekbones and angles so sleek.

Those dimples and creases didn’t last long,
Her limbs have been growing, steady and strong.

As I lie in my bed, I notice a star,
I trust in my mothering; it’s got us this far.

I trust in my baby and how much she’s grown.
I trust in her teachers; she won’t be alone.

Her babyhood days are kept safe in my heart,
But this isn’t the end; instead it’s the start.

To the new-kindy mom, awake in your bed,
I know what you’re feeling; excitement and dread.

Trust in your child, mama, turn out the light,
Happy Kindy tomorrow, sleep tight and good night.


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