Leaping into Cloth

Me: “I want to try cloth.

Husband: Blank expression.

Me: “Cloth, I want to try it.

Husband: Totally blank.

Me: “Nappies.  Diapers.  Pee-catchers.  I want to try cloth.

Husband: Nearly drowns as he chokes on his coffee.

I’m sure we aren’t the first couple to have this exact exchange, nor will we be the last.  My tentative approach is far from unusual and my husband’s initial horror will ring true for many busy parents as they consider their baby bootie wrapping options.

I’ll be honest, it took him a while to come around.  (Note: he’s still not come around, but I’m pretending he has…because blissful ignorance is how we roll.)  He even gauged the opinions of our friends, just for effect…

You won’t believe what Louise wants to try…she’s finally succumbed entirely to her inner hippy…

Needless to say, there has been much coffee-choking and many wide eyes at our house of late.

Which is pretty strange, when you think about it…because just a generation or two ago, every baby bootie was wrapped in cloth.  Disposables didn’t exist, so out came the cotton and the world didn’t stop turning…go figure.

Yet today’s cloth takes pee-catching to a whole new level.  It's safe to say that it's a different world to the one that our mothers and grandmothers experienced.  Sure, this is still the highly glamorous world of pee and poop, but the choice, design and fabrics available set our current cloth marketplace apart from days gone by.  Plus we have easier laundry options nowadays (thank you laundry gods.)  

And if you take a journey into the (slightly crazy and obsessive) world of cloth diaper groups on Facebook, you will be inundated with pictures of little ones, sporting the brightest, softest, fluffiest little diaper designs available.  It appears that I’ve unwittingly stepped into some sort of a baby-butt-dressing cult.

To be fair, they do look cute.

Oh, and they’re pretty amazing value as well.  This was the fact that brought my husband round to my way of thinking (ok, the fact that is bringing him round…it’s a work in progress, like I say…)  It's thought that the average child in disposables will go through £1000 worth of nappies, whereas cloth - including laundering costs - works out at a third of that (and even less if the same cloth is used for multiple babies.)  My cloth mama cult friends, for example, have reused the same cloth for up to three kids and have plans to sell it second hand once their baby-making days are behind them.  Some label them fluff-crazed and high on oxytocin…others call them savvy mama shoppers.  Take your pick.

So here I sit, 7 months pregnant and staring at a rather large box of cute cotton nappies.  I went with Little Lamb, on the sage advice of my experienced cloth mama friends.  Their tag line is, "the nappy kit experts" and I couldn't have summarised it better myself.  The box is the complete package - it has everything that I knew I needed and everything that I didn't even realise existed.  Let's just say that the option of a full kit has taken the stress out of this leap into the world of cloth.  And so, it's with a mix of both nerves and delight that I approach the box.

This is new territory and I’m a nesting mama hen right now.  Yet I still have the capacity to calm my hormones for two brief moments and take stock of the stash I’ve acquired.  One day soon, my baby boy will be wrapped in this cotton.  One day soon, I’ll have to negotiate with my 5 year old for the safe return of the fluff that's been gracing the behind of her precious bear over the last few weeks.  One day soon, my washing machine will be tasked with proving its worth.

And with just a pinch of luck, a sprinkling of financial common sense and a handful of baby-bootie ultimate cuteness, I am almost certain that my darling husband will finally be won over.  Or be forced into submission.  Take your pick.

May the cloth be with you, mama friends.


For the complete Little Lamb range of nappies, including their de-stressing everything-you-need kits, visit the lovely team over at www.littlelambnappies.com!


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