What's Not to Love about this Giant Inflatable Boob?

What's not to love about this giant inflatable boob, placed upon a London rooftop, against an unusually blue March sky?!

This was the scene from Shoreditch, London, yesterday - in celebration of Mothering Sunday.

Kate Mackay, from Mother London, explained the reasoning behind the boob:

"Thousands of mothers feel watched and judged when feeding in public, be it from a bottle or from a breast...This is a celebration of every woman’s right to decide how and where they feed their children without feeling guilty or embarrassed about their parenting choices."

What a breath of fresh air.

Too many of us have been shamed for daring to bare just a square inch of boob during a public nursing session.

Earlier today, my three month old baby decided to embark on a spot of 'boob bobbing' in a crowded doctor's office waiting room.  Once upon a time, the 'peekaboo-style' nipple flashing that my baby was facilitating with his crazy head banging antics might have caused me to hide away for fear of judgement. But not now.

Not today.

Because this isn't my first nursling and I've successfully made my way through and out of the 'boob-shaming corner', thank you very much.

But it wasn't without struggle.  Because the judgement and shaming is real. Even today. Even when boobs are front and centre on every advert or billboard we walk past.

Which is why statements like this giant inflatable rooftop boob are still needed...to send the message out loud and clear, that there is nothing shameful about feeding our children.

Nicely done, London, and happy Mother's Day to all.


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