Breastfeeding in Parliament

Larissa Waters, co-deputy leader of Australia’s Green party, made history this week when she breastfed her baby in Parliament.

At just two months old, baby Alia Joy is the first baby to have breastfed in the nation's Parliament, which can be considered a huge step forwards when compared to the treatment of another government minister back in 2015, who was asked to consider expressing milk to avoid missing parliamentary duties.

Waters said:
 “If we want more young women in Parliament, we must make the rules more family friendly to allow new mothers and new fathers to balance their parliamentary and parental duties.

Exactly this.

We need more mothers in parliament - because how can a government be truly representative of all its citizens, if there is no real representation of mothers of young children?

Larissa Waters, the world needs more politicians like you. Nurse on, mama, nurse on.

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