"The Second Baby Sleeps" - BS Rating: High

This is my baby boy, awake on his play mat:

And here is my sweet son, awake in his stroller:

And here is my precious little guy, awake in his wrap:

Do you see a theme?


Yes, I appear to have birthed an unsleeper.

Or more specifically, another unsleeper.  Because this is my second child to laugh in the face of Sleep.

My first child's wakefulness has been the subject of many a blog post, such as the ever popular - "It's Time To STFU About Sleeping Through The Night" - and judging by the number of moms reading that singular post daily, all these many months after it was first published, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this concept of sleep(lessness) is playing on our collectively sleep deprived maternal minds.

Such solidarity really helps; just knowing that we aren't the only person who is eternally awake is comfort for the soul.

Do you know what doesn't help? Myths.  I'm being generous. Let's call then what they are:  Lies. They are lies, and they are sent to destroy us.

And there's one outright brazen lie that's been playing on my mind over these last few months of being awake. There's one line that I stupidly almost allowed myself to buy into:

"The second baby sleeps."

Bull. Shit.

The second baby does not sleep, at least mine doesn't. The second baby has the same genetic makeup as the first sleep thief I birthed, only this time there are two of them to play havoc with my sanity.

If you're sat reading this and unable to identify, congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back - you clearly have the genetic code of tired unicorns. For the rest of us mere mortals, we have to rely on caffeine and sugar and willpower alone to make it through the early hours.

But what really bothers me about this particular lie, is its subtle undertone.  Because by making such a generalized comment about second borns, there is an inherent implication that we as mothers somehow messed up the sleep of our first borns...that we have now learnt "how to make babies sleep", that there's somehow "an answer" and that we clearly screwed up by creating and pandering to this wakefulness in the first place.

Again: Bull. Shit.

As if we didn't try almost every trick in the book to secure that STTN status...as if we hadn't hurled our faith at a glowing sheep and a night sky projector to somehow magic up some precious zzzs.

But alas, even Ewan is no master when compared to the mighty sleep thief.

Moms, it isn't us. Really.

And no amount of expensive merchandise or traumatic 'sleep training' will create peaceful and healthy sleep patterns.

It happens when it happens and there's jack shit we can do to speed it along.  We're in this for the long haul, so grab a coffee and march on, fierce sleep warrior.

My second born and I are right there with you.

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