#MeToo - Why My Children Will Be Familiar With The Term 'Patriarchy' Before They Hit First Grade

#MeToo is trending.  Of course it is...Because the sexual harassment of women is endemic to our culture as a whole and not simply a byproduct of Hollywood.

As the Weinstein case rages on, I'm noticing more and more of my female friends becoming enraged at what we consider to be the 'normal' treatment of women and girls in society.

From the shirts aimed at three year old girls, adorned with the word 'CUTE'...versus the shirts aimed at three year old boys, featuring the word 'HEARTBREAKER'.

We are told, from the very beginning, that women are products to be dressed and served for consumption.

From the way our daughters are told to 'take it as a compliment' when they receive unwanted male attention...versus the way our sons are congratulated for 'pestering' the girls.

We are told, without exception, that females are created to be pursued.  It is no less than a sport.

From the way we must bend and accommodate, just loud enough to be noticed, yet not so loud that we become a disturbance.

We are told, both implicitly and without apology, that our silence is easier to digest.  Because we are systematically being disempowered, from childhood through to death...women are swimming upstream.

Enough, enough already.

To my children, you will each be familiar with the term 'patriarchy' before you hit first grade, this I can assure you.  Not only this, but you will also be equipped with the beginning pieces of a toolkit put together to smash it.  Hard.

Because by respecting you, I will teach you to respect others.

I will model bodily autonomy and consent.

I will be assertive.

Change starts now. It's time to speak up, over the breakfast cereals and Lego...Let's raise a generation that understands these basics of humanity.

Oh, and #MeToo.

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