It's Time To Celebrate Postpartum (Without The Filter)

A few days ago, Facebook announced plans to change its algorithms to promote wellbeing amongst its users.

It seems that too many of us have fallen victim to the social media comparison game and the endless clickbait articles that leave us feeling pretty void of compassion by the time the last ad rolls by.

Facebook has listened to our calls for real content...and not a moment too soon.

So with that in mind, it's time that I launched a project I've been planning for a while.  I'm not sure what's been holding me back...fear of failure, perhaps? What if nobody engages? What if nobody cares?

After a mini-pep talk with friends, I feel ready to take the risk.  So I'm now officially introducing the Postpartum Unfiltered project!

Yes, postpartum just got real...and not a moment too soon.

The idea is simple: let's shine a light on the postpartum experience, without the filters.  

I'm asking for your engagement with this one!

I'm asking you to share a picture of your postpartum experience...the picture that summarises it best.  It can be of absolutely anything...your postpartum body, your baby's feeds, the stockpile of diapers, that ever-growing laundry pile, your kindly neighbour, dishes in the sink, or even placenta smoothies (is that just me?!)

The only rule is: it has to be real.

No filters.

Just raw, beautifully real experiences.

Because the more we see through the filters, the more we realise that we are all connected by this powerful experience.

As women, we are conditioned from a young age to compare and compete. Let's be the change that this world needs and join together in solidarity instead.

There is no prize on offer for the supposedly 'best' picture here, there will be no certificate for the one with the most 'likes'.  This project aims to unite and reassure us...with real stories and the connections that inevitably grow from them.

Let's say no to filtered BS and embrace life's raw realities.

Are you ready?

Share your picture today - you can message my Facebook page (or post directly) and I promise to share each and every one.

And to kick things off, here is mine:


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