Uncensored Birth Photos are now ALLOWED on Facebook and Instagram

(Picture credit, @marijkethoen_birthphotography)

In December 2017, Katie Vigos launched a petition asking that Instagram change its censorship policies to reclassify childbirth as educational material, rather than categorising it alongside “pornography, graphic violence and profanity.”  The petition essentially demanded that Instagram addresses its nonsensical stance that brith is too offensive for the public eye.

Before the launch of this petition, moms posting birthing pictures to Instagram and Facebook risked having their photographs permanently deleted and even their accounts shut down.  Yet with more than 23,000 signatures supporting the #IGallowuncensoredbirth petition via the Empowered Birth Project, both Instagram and their parent company Facebook have now officially changed their censorship policies to allow uncensored birth pictures on both platforms.

Instagram released a statement following the success of this petition, stating that their decision was a result of “years of conversations with women’s health advocates and the birthing community.

This essential and groundbreaking work of birthing advocates across the globe has, with this change in policy, demystified the concept of birth and made it more accessible to all.  And with that access, comes empowerment.

"This is so much more than a single petition-- it’s the cumulative result of many people over many years advocating to end birth censorship. Together, we have birthed a major shift in the collective consciousness, and now we are free to share uncensored birth in its full expression of glory on two of the biggest online platforms in the world."  - Katie Vigos

This success is truly something to celebrate.  In a world in which most pregnant women have no idea what childbirth entails or even looks like, seeing these images provides education, support and power.

Birth is a moment of ultimate power and surrender for women.  Telling women that that power is offensive and needs to be hidden is sending a really damaging message.”  - Katie Vigos

To every mom who has proudly posted a birthing picture online, only to have it removed, this success is yours.

To every birth photographer banned from Facebook for sharing your work, this success is yours.

To every woman ever shamed for the way your life-creating human body looks postpartum, this success is yours.

To every mom-to-be full of anticipation as to what childbirth entails, this success is yours.

To every human who believes that the arrival of new life should be celebrated, this success is ours.

Here's to progress, long may it continue!


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