Kids Stuck Inside and Feeling Anxious? Read them this FREE Rainbow Trail ebook

The world right now is awash with scary coronavirus news.

As COVID-19 sweeps across the globe and communities are locked down in an effort to prevent the spread of infection, our children will inevitably be feeling unsettled.

Yet besides the fear and dread and isolation, there is love and hope and connection.

If you take a daily walk around your neighbourhood, you may have notice a rainbow or two hanging from people's windows.  A symbol of solidarity and hope, these rainbows are multiplying as more and more families join the trend.

If your children have enjoyed their own rainbow trail, or if you plan on making your own rainbow, there's a good chance that you might like to read Freddie Rabbit's Rainbow Trail.

This illustrated ebook takes the reader on Freddie rabbit's own rainbow trail and is completely FREE to download.

(There is also the option to 'pay what you want' if you can afford to spare any loose change, and all profits will be donated to support frontline COVID-19 relief efforts.)

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and wellness.

Louise xoxo