Caring For Mom Postpartum Should be as Common as Buying Baby a Onesie

Postpartum is a rollercoaster. It’s a time of such intensity, where new moms often find ourselves stretched to our absolute limits. 

We welcome excited friends and relatives to our homes (or even to the hospital or birthing center) to meet our new little humans, and most often, they come bearing gifts: soft toys, a beautiful blanket, a onesie.

Bringing a onesie is the norm, right? A social standard, an expectation. 

And it’s lovely and sweet and kind of course, and baby looks a dream in that pastel hue. 

But...what if postpartum care was just as common? What if truly supporting mom through those early days was just as normal and socially expected? 

What if meals were made and toilets cleaned? 

What if siblings were doted on and pets walked? 

What if birth stories were asked about and listened to in full? 

What if laundry was folded while mom napped with baby? 

Because emotional support and practical help for new mothers really should be an absolute cornerstone of society. It’s really just common sense to support moms in supporting their babies. 


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