What's Inside?

If you're looking for support with your little one's naptime, this guide is for you, mama.

Inside the eBook, we'll unpack the myth of 'the perfect nap' and focus instead on biological norms. We'll explore:

- Biologically ‘expected’ napping options, including:
- Contact Naps
- Breast-Sleeping
- Motion Naps
- Co-Napping

- Practical and attachment-based strategies for common nap challenges, including:
- Cat Napping
- Disrupted Naps
- Napping at Daycare or with Other Caregivers
- Transitioning to Crib Naps
- Dropping a Nap
- Overtiredness

- Troubleshooting ‘sleep science’, including:
- Sleep Cycles
- Wake windows
- Tired Cues
- Total Sleep Hours

The guide includes supportive affirmations, and offers a holistic approach to embracing and supporting your little ones' unique needs and sleep personality.


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