Self-Care For Moms

As moms, the concept of self-care can often feel unattainable. We spend our days (and nights) caring for others and so often, we neglect ourselves. So if you need a little nudge towards better self-care, this program - packed with tools and tips for attainable self-care - is for you!

What moms are saying ...

Thank you! I've been feeling so exhausted since having my baby, I forgot to think about my own needs at all. This program has been a shining light of hope and reassurance for me."
(Mama Chloe)

>"I'm not sure what I was expecting from this ebook, probably just a guide about scented candles or something - I'm SO GLAD it wasn't that! It's such a practical and helpful guide, and the program has honestly helped me get back to balance again, so thank you Louise!"
(Mama Tess)

"What a breath of fresh air this is!"
(Mama Lauren)

A word on self-care

Self-care is a basic and fundamental need for all humans, including and especially moms. Yet finding the time to practice this oftentimes mythical concept, and knowing where and how to start, can stop us in our tracks before we even begin. This ebook offers a crash course in self-care, full-to-bursting with information, reassurance and support to help self-care become a sustainable and accessible practice.

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